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This page is literally not even centered and im not going to fix it.
My life has been univentfull since my last update two fucking months ago ( sorry ). I've been drawing and playing dead by daylight. Also school . I'll try to update more often.
HEY!! I JUST HAD THE BEST DAY. Let me tell you about ibount it so, i went to comicon! wow people there are so nice. people just come up to you and like tlak to you like i mean i thinnk if as a society we just talked to strangers more often we'd be so good.i should be the president.

I got lost alot. idk, its not like im bad at directions beccus im the king of diretctions but people just kept LEAVING me. my friends are like bugs the see something cool and there gone and thats not a bad thing, to be completely honest i do the same, we are only human in a room fool of . superman, here are some picutes of things i bought. (:
recently was watching a lot of pokemon streamers just fuck around and i remembeed how much fun i could have replaying some of the older games, last time i played them i was like so fucking small and stupid i could never beat them. I rememer my soul silver game i, first of all didnt know how to save it forever, second all i would do was take my tododile for "walks on the beach". somehow i got pretty far in the game tho all shenanigans considered.

I did tho restart my pokemon white game like idk two-tree years ago now and i havent finished it because i lost my charger? and i just havent found a new one i guess. But i was just about to defeat the elite 4 idk what the fuck i was doing now getting a new charger! original ds chargers are like 8 bucks! and look at me im writing this instead of going to buy it. online shopping is confusing.
Teacher said "youre the best, man" to me TWO TIMES TODAY. feeling ontop of the world !!!!
kidney stones are a BITCH !
a buddy from the far far away land of pensilvania is comming to visit this march. welcome to the canadian motherland !!!!!!