Greetings! Youve made it to the most devious realm on the internet

My name is Klef (well not really), i'm an unprofesional illustror of things like characters and comics. and i'm unfortunatly full time geekazoid. I have used my POWERS to make a website, a place where i can essentialy share my interests, creations and awfull ideas with what i can pretend is veiwers.
If you're real and reading this. Thank you

parts of this site arent done yet but feel free to stick around *

Discord: Klef#2379
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Site's Sounds:
homepage : "fancy meat computer" by Chuck Salamone and Mason Lindroth
art gallery : "im afraid of amaricans" by David Bowie - 8-bit cover
blog : "kon karne" by MF DOOM - instrumental
mewtwo shrine : "venus" by The Exorcist GBG
yume nikki shrine : "I Don't Know Where I Came From" from the Yume Nikki OST
hylics shrine : " Prevailing Westerlies" by Chuck Salamone and Mason Lindroth

it/its / he/him
Name : KLEF
Mood : Cheery
fave movie : Scream 1996
fave colour : #ff0000

interests Pokemon, Space Funeral, Hylics, Word of Horror Yume Nikki, Mad father, Ib, My little pony, The Legend of Zelda, DC comics
love < 3 western comic books, meat ( as a concept, not as food), psycadelic rock, all types of horror media, robotics ( more specifically A.I), factory archetecture, computers, and last but not least, yoou!
despises coconuts, zombie by the cranbaries, social media
favourite music MF DOOM, Whitey, Red Vox, Korn, SOAD, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Depache Mode, The Garden, Butthole Surfers, Gorillaz, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Korn, Interpol, Elliot Smith, The Birthday Masacre, DEVO, Electric Six, Oingo Boingo, Djo, Beastie Boys
fave pokemon
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NEWEST UPDATE : 4/21/2022

i have given up with fixing something it works well enough

Currently Working On:

mobile layout
music page
character page

thanks for reading! hope to see you again soon!