***** Turn Back *****


The Hylics series, made by Mason Lindroth and a music by Chuck Salamone. Its unique art style is made using entirely real life claymation, transfered onto the computer. It stands out from every other games i have ever played. With such a calm aura ( thanks so the fantastic soundtrack and art design) even the fight sequences are relazing. Hell, I have no fucking clue whats going on half the time but really that only adds to my enjoyment.

The Clayman Protagonist
"How's it going'"
Unimaginably Stoked Archaeologist
"Oh...Oh. That's... I guess that's fine. I'll just be standing here then, incase you change your mind. I'll just... Try to make do, as I always have. Bye".
Holder of the Dominion of Bugs
"That's fine I guess"
Greatest of the Dread Knights of Yiithorn
"I have became habituated to this shabby planet"