The Game has a simple premise, but thats where the simplicites end for it. You play as a girl named Madotsuki and you refuse to leave your small room. With no other option, you, as the player return to bed and are transfered into the DREAM WORLD. You can explore this world for like, probably years to be honest, even I havent seen everything. The game has no apperent story to follow, you just do whatever. Walking simulator.

But its so much more than that!

The worlds contain such interesting and bizzare things and events that has lead the internet to essentially go crazy for. Its literally the dream game for people who love to look too deep into games ( like myself ). Theres so much theories for this game. The fans see every pixelated nonsensicle creature as a peice to a larger puzzle, and thats where the true fun of the game lies

Yume Nikki is a game that beleive it or not got me through a really dark period of my life. I felt very similar to Madotsuki, I would use my own dream world as an escape from the real one.

Besides that kind of lame meaning the game has to me, it's also just oddly so so relaxing. Playing this game in a dark room while just looking and listening is such a unique feeling only this game can really offer.